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9 Engineers Help You Make Better Recordings

Dear Home Studio Owner,

Do you ever sit in your studio, working on a project, and you think, “I wonder how another engineer does this?”

Yep, me too. I remember many a night of spending hours working on a song, only to feel like I was just spinning my wheels, and never making any progress. I thought if I could just sit down and talk with a few engineers, I would be well on my way to making better recordings.

That’s exactly what I’ve done with Home Recording Tactics.

You may not have access to a bunch of different recording engineers, so I’m bringing them to you.

Home Recording Tactics

What is “Home Recording Tactics”?

Home Recording Tactics is a series of 9 interviews with recording engineers from around the world.

I interviewed each of them individually about their experiences in home recording. They each have a unique perspective on home recording, and they graciously agreed to share their ideas with us.

Who am I?

My name is Joe Gilder. I run the popular home recording website HomeStudioCorner.com, where I help thousands of home studio owners make better recordings.

Why You Need to Learn from Other Engineers

Not quite sure you need to learn from other engineers? Think you can learn everything on your own?

You certainly can.

However, some of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had as an engineer have come from other people. Every engineer I meet has a different way of doing things…and by learning how he does things, I learn things I can do myself.

Learning from others is the fastest way to develop your skills as an engineer. Trial and error is fine. Going it alone is fine. But it takes a LOOOOONG time.

Why not learn from those who have gone before you?


  1. Recording on a Budget
    with Graham Cochrane, TheRecordingRevolution.comGraham shares some fantastic advice to keep you from playing an endless game of Gear Acquisition Syndrome and instead getting great-sounding recordings.
  2. Microphones
    with Slau Halatyn, SessionsWithSlau.comSlau’s passion for mics is evident in this interview, where he explains the differences between various types of microphones and also shares why he uses different types of mics for different sources.
  3. Arrangement
    with Dave Chick, InsideHomeRecording.comAs a professional composer for video, Dave shares his approach to composing and arranging music, and we discuss how to apply that to any
    recording project for awesome results.
  4. Editing & Workflow
    with Jon Tidey, AudioGeekZine.comJon shares some really useful tips for becoming better and faster at editing and your general recording workflow, regardless of what recording platform you use.
  5. Mixing
    with “Big Al” Wagner, HomeStudioGuru.comBig Al’s mixing expertise stretches back to the days of analog tape and big consoles, so he brings a really valuable perspective to the table and gives practical advice that you can use on your next session.
  6. Sound Design
    with Nick Maxwell, NicksTutorials.comNick introduces us to the fascinating world of sound design and shares how sound design skills can be extremely useful when applied to your studio productions as well.
  7. Recording for Live Sound
    with Ryan Canestro, HomeRecordingShow.comRyan gives us some great advice on how to effectively pull off a live recording, whether you simply want to capture the audio for a YouTube video or do a full-on multi-track recording.
  8. Recording Sound for Film
    with Jesse Zoller, TheIceShop.netJesse gives us a glimpse into the world of recording sound for film. A great video can only be a great video if it has great audio, and Jesse shares with us how to make that happen.
  9. Mastering
    with Ian Shepherd, Mastering-Media.blogspot.comWhether you want to master yourself or hire a mastering engineer, Ian will help you understand this extremely important process and enable you to make an educated decision.


Over 5 Hours of Interviews!

HUGE Value

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Better yet, take a full 30 days to listen to and implement these interviews. If within those 30 days you’re unsatisfied, let me know. I’ll issue a full refund.

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To better recordings,

Joe Gilder

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